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Wholesale Delivery Deadlines

When checking out you will be asked to specify a delivery date - please bear in mind which days we deliver to your area.
If in doubt, email us on

Ordering deadlinesthese are the times you need to order by for each of the products

For pastries 
delivered on a...
Order by 12 noon
the previous...
For bread
delivered on a...
Order by 12 noon 
the previous...
 Tuesday  Wednesday  Tuesday  Saturday
 Wednesday  Saturday  Wednesday  Monday
 Thursday  Sunday  Thursday  Tuesday
 Friday  Saturday  Friday  Wednesday
 Saturday  Tuesday  Saturday  Thursday
For Sourdough
brioche on a...
Order by 12 noon
the previous...
For burger buns
or Sourdough 
Burger Buns on a...
Order by 12 noon
the previous...
 Tuesday  Wednesday  Tuesday *Please email us to check*
 Wednesday  Saturday  Wednesday Saturday
 Thursday  Saturday  Thursday Sunday
 Friday Tuesday  Friday Tuesday
 Saturday Wednesday  Saturday Wednesday

If you miss a deadline, please email We will do our best to accommodate your request but cannot
make any guarantees. Please note that emails and phone calls may not be answered on a Sunday. Any questions please contact us!